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Either you are an undergraduate/graduate/school teacher/college tutor, Hometuiton101 welcomes you! Registration process is easy and free of charge, and it will only take you a few minutes!

Before interested tutor begin your registration, it will be nice to know our Terms&Conditions first. We promise, we keep it short and simple! Click on the ‘I Agree’ button to proceed with registration. Thank you for your cooperation.

Tutors can further edit or update your profile in the Tutor Profile Update tab.


Terms & Conditions
1. Eligibility

(A) Tutor must be a citizen/permanent resident of Malaysia, or with a valid student visa/employment pass holder of Malaysia.

(B) Tutor must have a minimum academic qualification and good grades of the subjects you wish to teach.

(C) Tutor is responsible to provide all necessary documents (original/certified copy) to verify your academic qualifications, credentials and NRIC to the student/parents on the first lesson upon request.

2. Commission

(A) A one time commission will be charged for any tuition case that tutor accept. The commission payable is equivalent to 2 weeks of tuition fees.

(B) Upon confirming a tuition case, tutor must pay a deposit of 1 week tuition class fees to Hometuition101. More details, please visit How It Works.

(C) All deposits must be paid not later than 3 working days. Any delay of payment, Hometuition101 has the right to replace another tutor for the respective tuition case.

(D) Any attempt to cheat or deprive Hometuition101 with its legal share of commission will result in legal actions being taken. Besides, tutor’s account will be automatically terminated.

(E) Tutor does not charge student/parents on the first week of lesson. Payment will be charged only from second week onwards. Payments are directly received from parents, without going through HomeTuition101.

3. Cancellation/Termination of Assignment

(A) In the event where you are unable to attend the tuition that you have agreed to take you before the first lesson, with valid reasons and prior notice of 48 hours must be given to HomeTuition101. Otherwise, if failed, deposit will be forfeited.

(B) The minimum commitment time frame is 1 month. If tutor does not commit the one month time frame, deposit will be forfeited. In the event where student prematurely terminate the assignment, deposit will be refunded. However, if the reason of the termination was due to tutor’s fault, eg. late for class, always skip lessons with no valid reason, your deposit will be forfeited.